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17/11/2020 Gaurav Agarwal Knowledge Views 341 Comments 3 Analytics English DMCA Add Favorite Copy Link
SEVEN Learning shared by the Founder CA Gaurav Agarwal through his journey
1. Build the Right Team and Delegate Responsibilities

2. Keep Learning.Now the Time is perfect, wherein, the Online Medium allows to Learn from the 
    Global Experts from the comforts of your home

3. Stay in touch with the Developments in your domain e.g. The Industry movements, new 
    technologies, Investment opportunities etc.

4. Build a strong Network. If 1000 people know you, 10 will definitely become your clients.

5. Provide VALUE to your clients, well-wishers and stake holders.

6. Focus on Building your Start-up, rest all the Good things will FOLLOW automatically

7. Stay Positive and Surround yourself with the Positive People.

    Another trick for that is staying away from Energy VAMPIRES

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