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17/11/2020 Gaurav Agarwal Knowledge Views 434 Comments 0 Analytics English DMCA Add Favorite Copy Link
Year 2020 or the pandemic year will not only be remembered for COVID-19 but also for calamitous events like - floods, bush fires, super cyclones, landslides, earthquakes and locust attacks to plane crashes, protests and sit-ins, deadly gas leaks, chemical blasts, economic downturn, layoffs and more…

The impact on small businesses and start-ups has been more brutal than other businesses as keeping the financial wheel rolling amid lockdown with less revenue is a big challenge. 
CA Gaurav Agarwal, the man behind India’s fastest growing HR franchise network, SMVA CONSULTANTS and the initiator of the campaign #ghargharHR #hargharHRstudied the downfall of India’s economy very closely and soon realised that the pandemic will have a long time impact on his nation and hence, Agarwal decided to contribute by introducing CO-FOUNDERS PLANET to its community of start-ups, MSMEs and experienced job holders willing to start a new inning in their professional life.

CO-FOUNDERS PLANET, as the name suggests is a planet in the start-up ecosystem that helps global start-ups with – cofounders (on equity), advisors (on hourly payments),and vetted service providers.

March 2020 was the turning point in every human’s life and the declining economic graph was worrisome for Agarwal as well. As they say, opportunity knocks only once, in the same manner, the lockdown bought a lot of learning and achievements in his professional career .During Janta Curfew the founder of SMVA started live training sessions, joined hands with Razorpay for smart payrolling, a new division was incorporated – the E-Learning division, AMA sessions were conducted, SMVA Portal was relaunched, social media engagement was improved, a bond game for franchise partners was conducted , international tie-ups in the field of recruitment and the 2 most looked upon introductions were CO-FOUNDERS PLANET and KAAM KI BAAT.

KAAM KI BAAT, a webinar produced by Gaurav Agarwal was a knowledge exchange session of 6 episodes, wherein entrepreneurs from different sectors discussed about the positivity of their respective work culture. Amidst so much negativity around the globe, such insightful discussions was a hit among its followers.

Never stop learning; for when we stop learning, we stop growing.
Joining IIM-Kashipur and getting appointed as the state director of CIMSME are the two medals to cherish for life.

The Next BIG Thing coming up for the Trusted HR Network is “ INDREPRENEUR” , Aim is to appoint “Indrepreneur” on PAN India Basis, who can leverage the Network and Resources of SMVA Group. We echo the vision of our Hon. Prime Minister of “AtmaNirbhar Bharat” , “Vocal for Local” and have developed an Awesome “Work from Home” Model which will support Solopreneurs, Wannapreneurs, Mompreneurs and Start-up Enthusiasts.


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