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06/12/2020 Shalini Samuel Relationship Views 224 Comments 0 Analytics English DMCA Add Favorite Copy Link
The sweetest feeling in the world
When you think of love, heart melts down.
Mother is the first love of our life
She is the best in the whole world
There is not a kid who would hate mother
Its their first love.
With the right companion
Marital love is the best
It becomes a big source of strength
Every big problem looks tiny.
At times we fall in love with profession
Hobbies and much more...
With nature, with colors
With home, with work
With gadgets and restaurants.
With goodness and the worst
Some with cigar and liquor too.
We at times get addicted.
We at times get swayed.
Love for our kids, I hope is the last love
And its stronger than all others.
Ah wait, I forgot to say about grandkids.
We are here to fall in love, trust and...
And then get hurt, and learn to love again.

Shalini Samuel

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