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17/01/2023 Kajal sah General Views 102 Comments 0 Analytics English DMCA Add Favorite Copy Link
Essay : save daughter
For the progress of the country, education, politics, resources, equal rights between girls and boys in the country is very important, girls are half of the society, which means they have skills, intelligence, good leaders, scientists, doctors, police, etc.  Every girl can achieve but only our society considers boys as the highest and despises, insults, calls women as weak and keeps women away from every developed work, crushes their dreams and keeps the daughter in the womb.  Kills some people whose thinking is still conservative and undeveloped.
 In ancient times, women were only considered as objects, women were exchanged at the cost of things, they did not have the right to study, they were not allowed to move forward in the society, they were treated unequally, they were considered as puppets.  Used to go and their existence was nominal.
 Earlier, girls did not have the right to live in the society because women were considered as the burden of the caste, if we give equal rights to women, which we give to boys, whether it is education, resources, etc., then girls will also move forward.  We can make our identity by doing, but where was this thinking in the society then, only mother completes the world and we are not allowing that mother to live, is it right?

 Today we are living in the 21st century where this conservatism thinking is very less, today girls are also able to achieve every progress in life with their hard work and efforts, politicians, presidents, doctors, IAS, IPS, journalists, writers  , teachers etc. on big posts today more and more girls are getting that position, so today our country is progressing only because of equality between girls and boys, if we save the girl child we will save someones life and  Will increase the progress of the country.
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