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24/01/2023 Kajal sah Health Views 180 Comments 0 Analytics English DMCA Add Favorite Copy Link
Tips :How to control thyroid?
Thyroxine hormone is secreted from the thyroid gland, thyroid is a butterfly-shaped gland, it is a type of endocrine gland, thyroid hormone affects almost every part of the body, this gland controls body temperature and  It is the main controller of metabolism.
 Nowadays, due to our lifestyle deteriorating health and not paying attention to food, most of the people are troubled by a big problem like thyroid.
 If you want to control thyroid and defeat this problem, then you must adopt three home remedies.
 Water is the biggest basis of life and to eradicate this problem, you can use water in the following way
 1. Coriander water = We get a lot of benefits by consuming coriander water, thyroid hormone can be controlled by its use, so drink it after heating the water lightly and adding coriander leaves.

 2. Lemon honey water = We have been consuming lemon water since the beginning, there are many benefits of drinking lemon water because drinking it gives us energy, consumption of lemon honey water is very important for thyroid patients, water  We can control the thyroid by drinking it after heating it a little and adding a few drops of lemon and honey.
 3. Ginger water = Drinking ginger mixed with water is a very good way to defeat thyroid. With ginger water, our digestive power also remains correct, and our bodys metabolism also remains balanced, thats why with ginger  It is necessary to consume water, you can drink a small piece of ginger in a glass of water after boiling it well.
 Thank you :written by Kajal Sah

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