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25/03/2023 Kajal sah Education Views 118 Comments 0 Analytics English DMCA Add Favorite Copy Link
1. ALU= Arithmetic logic unit
2. AL= Artificial intelligence 
3.ASP= Asynchronous Transfer mode 
4. ANSI= American national standard institute

5. BASIC = beginners all purpose symbolic instruction code
6.BCR= bar code reader
7.BIT=binary digit
8.BIOS= Basic input output system
9.BCD= binary coded decimal
10.CAD= computer aided design
11. CAM=  Computer aided manufacturing
12.CDMA=Code division multiple access
13.CGA= Color graphics adapter
14.CUI= Character user interface
15.CVT= Constant voltage transfer
16.DBMS= Database management system
17.DOS= Direct operating system
18.DDE= Dynamic data exchange
19. DLL= Dynamic link library
20.DHTML= Dynamic hypertext markup language
21. EDP=Electronic data processing
22.EGA= Enhanced graphics adapter
23. FAT = File allocation table
24.GUI= Graphic interchange format
25.MPEG= Motion picture experts group
26.MSI= Medium scale integration
27.IC= integrated circuit
28.LAN=Local area network
29.RAM= Random access memory
30.ROM= Read only memory
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