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06/12/2020 Shalini Samuel Relationship Views 246 Comments 0 Analytics English DMCA Add Favorite Copy Link
Acrostic poem......
I wish I could escape today
From this prompt you gave
But my heart wishes not to.
I am an escapist, scared of problems
I am afraid to face them at times
When I get bolder, I am the strongest
At times, I take a step back and escape
Just like sun escaping to another world.
But, I peek again the next morning
I wait, until darkness drifts away
Until then I mourn and endure my pain
On a dark silent vale with my pen.
The den I go to, has no space for another.
Where shall I hide, where shall I go
Not finding a space in this populous world
The escapist in me cries in agony
Hiding her face in the sands of Sahara, she weeps
Unable to answer, I escape again into the crowd.

Shalini Samuel

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