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09/03/2024 Roshni Dev Relationship Views 281 Comments 0 Analytics Video English DMCA Add Favorite Copy Link

This is a mystery that most people cannot explain. After lots of study, research and wisdom from the Creator, Ive come to realize that the main cause of the 90% of misunderstandings couples face in Marriages today is as a result of lack of sexual satisfaction. One of the major reasons why people cheat is lack of sexual satisfaction, when a Man/Woman is not satisfied sexually they are tempted to cheat, not everyone can overcome the temptation of cheating, absence of sexual satisfaction means absence of peace and happiness in your Marriages. Your spouse can tolerate your bad character but your ability to give them sexual satisfaction can guarantee your stay with him/her, when you can sexually satisfy your spouse you have already taken over 90% of their being. When you dont satisfy your spouse sexually, nothing you do pleases them, no amount of money, love, gifts and so on can measure up to the happiness that comes after a good sex. When you dont satisfy your spouse, anything you do becomes annoying, everything you do gets them angry, little issues they are already reacting to and creating a scene, sometimes you wonder what you did that they are acting so harshly, its all hidden behind sexual satisfaction. If you can satisfy your spouse sexually there is nothing they would not do for you, that young girl that is about to take your man from you is only doing one thing, She is satisfying him sexually. The same applies to that young man your wife is chasing here and there, sexual dissatisfaction can destroy a home. Know this and know peace. Class dismissed

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