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1. Premarital sex produces extramarital sex. Those who sow premarital sex before marriage reap extramarital sex after marriage. 2. Premarital sex robes respect. Dont trade your respect for a moment pleasure. 3. Premarital sex destroys trust. Wed before bed. 4. Premarital sex blinds you from noticing red flags in a relationship. These red flags show up after marriage and may eventually lead to divorce. 5. Premarital sex increases the pain of heartbreaks. Heartbreak is less painful when no sexual relation was involved but more painful when you are dumped after offering your body. 6. Premarital sex increases the risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases. 7. Premarital sex opens a relationship for demonic operations and influence. 8. Premarital sex leads to abortion and killing of innocent babies. 9. Premarital sex weakens your conscience as you continue to compromise and live in sin. 10. Premarital sex is filthy and defiles you spiritually. 11. Sex is a gift of God to a man and woman who are married. Any sexual act outside marriage is a deadly mistake which leads to hell. 12. Premarital sex hinders your personal relationship with God. Contraceptive may prevent pregnancy but cannot prevent the corruption of your spirit. Remember: We are created by God thru his Image and Likeness. We are obligated to obey all his commandments and live in Holiness. I hope these 12 reasons why we should avoid pre-marital sex will help us especially those in the younger generation to preserve life with the Lord... God bless us all..

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