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09/03/2024 Salma Shabnam Relationship Views 252 Comments 0 Analytics Video English DMCA Add Favorite Copy Link
Some men arent for you.

They dont want to love you properly at all, but at the same time they dont want to let you go. The more you give to them, the less they unfortunately appreciate, and the minute youve had enough and decide to walk away is when they are ready to love you and treat you right. So you decide to give them a chance in the hopes theyve changed only to realize they only changed for a very short period of time. You finally find the strength to walk away and here he comes again, proclaiming his love for you. What a lot of people dont understand is that if a man shows anger and persistence to get you back once you try to break it off isnt proof of love at all. A man trying to flatter you or making weak attempts to be "nicer" for a couple weeks isnt proof that hes trying, its proof that he knows you well enough to know how to defuse you long enough to hook you once again. Lets put it this way.... If you take a childs toy away from them, the child begins to cry. Same goes for the relationship... If you take away a relationship of convenience, a man begins to cry. Just because he cries doesnt mean you give him what he wants. Stop listening to what your man keeps promising you and start watching what his actions keep telling you. A lot of women dont know what its like to be loved by a real man. You know lust, you know joy, you know passion and you know the fear of abandonment. Stop chasing your idea of what love should be and recognize what love actually is. Love isnt promising to act right after he gets caught screwing up time and time again. Love is him acting right from the very beginning because he doesnt want to lose you because he knows how truly special you are. Love isnt telling your grown man he needs to change so he can keep you, love is a grown man changing on his own because he cant imagine life without you. So take my advice and choose to be loved properly and always no matter what..... remember your worth.

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