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08/05/2023 Salma Shabnam Relationship Views 162 Comments 0 Analytics Video English DMCA Add Favorite Copy Link
Have you ever fallen for an angel,
With a smile so bright, cherubic face?
The kind that makes your heart skip a beat,
And your soul yearn for an embrace.
Her wings were made of gossamer,
And her eyes shone like the stars above,
She spoke with a voice so sweet and clear,
It was as if she was touched by love.
I couldnt help but be drawn to her,
Her beauty was beyond compare,
And though I knew she was just a dream,
I couldnt help but stop and stare.
For in her presence, I felt a peace,
A sense of calm that filled my soul,
And though she vanished into the sky,
I knew that I would never let go.
So, Ill keep on dreaming of my angel,
And hold her in my heart so tight,
For though she may never be real,
In my dreams, shes my guiding light.

Timothy Shadrack

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